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How India’s Solar and Wind Policies Enabled its Energy Transition

In 2015, India announced ambitious targets for renewable energy—175 GW by 2022—oneof the largest expansion initiatives in the world. Just four years later, at the United enewable energy (RE) capacity to 450 GW by 2030 (PIB 2019). India’s journey to … Continue reading

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COAL COST CROSSOVER 2.0 – New solar and wind cheaper than 80% of existing coal in the US, report finds

EXECUTIVE SUMMARYCoal generation is at a crossroads in the United States, or more precisely at a “cost crossover.” Due to rapid recent cost declines for wind and solar, the combined fuel, maintenance, and other costs of most existing coal-fired power … Continue reading

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Geothermal development in Eastern Africa

ENERGY SECTOR LANDSCAPE The East African Rift countries and the Comoros Islands are endowed with several sources of energy for which distribution and potential vary significantly from country to country. A government’s decision to render support to a given energy … Continue reading

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Renewable Energy Prospects for Central and South-Eastern Europe Energy Connectivity (CESEC)

RENEWABLE ENERGY DEPLOYMENT BY SOURCE AND APPLICATION IN 2030 In 2015, the base year for this analysis, solid biomass and hydro power accounted for the bulk of all the renewable energy consumption in the CESEC region. More than half of … Continue reading

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Solar, the new Gateway to the decentralised Energy System

CHAPTER 1. DECENTRALISATION: A new mega-trend in the European power sector For an increasing number of consumers in Europe, distributed generation combined with othersmart solutions represents the perfect way to control their energy bill. Other behavioral factors may of course … Continue reading

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Should big utilities pay for their bad choices?

An advocacy group in Boulder, Colo. has made the case for why utilities, not customers, should be responsible for the cost of retiring fossil fuel assets.For this episode of the Local Energy Rules podcast, host John Farrell speaks with Leslie … Continue reading

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Second tender inclusion sets Brazil’s PV for three-year bonanza

Brazilian PV reps have hailed the sector’s admittance into the new-generation auction scheme, a first for an industry until now only allowed to compete in renewable tenders.The Brazilian Energy Ministry’s decision this week to accept solar – alongside wind, hydro, … Continue reading

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RENEWABLE ENERGY POLICY NETWORK FOR THE 21st CENTURY FOREWORD Every year, we launch the Renewables Global Status Report (GSR) to present the latest data and facts on renewable energy policies, markets and investments. This year, however, something is different. We collectively witnessed the adoption … Continue reading

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Power Generation for 6 operating solar power plants released by MNRE

To date, the confusion around which Solar PV technology to use in which location was a major question on every solar developers mind. To aid resolution of this conundrum, MNRE has just released the generation details of 6 operating solar … Continue reading

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