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Employment Potential of Emerging Renewable Energy Technologies

Floating solar photovoltaic (FPV) technology offers a new and additional pathway to realize India’s clean energy ambitions. It taps the country’s large water reservoirs to overcome some of the persisting issues of ground-mounted solar, such as the lack of levelled … Continue reading

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The Future of Distributed Renewable Energy in India

India is the world’s third largest carbon emitter, with emissions expected to rise as the economy grows. While this economic growth is important for advancing development objectives, especially in the wake of a likely recession due to the COVID-19 pandemic, … Continue reading

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Renewable energy finance: Institutional capital

RENEWABLE ENERGY INVESTMENT TRENDS As renewables have become a compelling investment proposition, global investments innew renewable power have grown from less than USD 50 billion per year in 2004 to aroundUSD 300 billion per year in recent years (Frankfurt School-UNEP … Continue reading

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Tracking SDG 7: The Energy Progress Report (2020)

EXECUTIVE SUMMARY The 2020 edition of Tracking SDG 7: The Energy Progress Report monitors and assesses attainments in the global quest for universal access to affordable, reliable, sustainable, and modern energy by 2030. The latest available data and select energy … Continue reading

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Rise of renewables in cities

IntroductionCities are the economic engines of our planet, home to 55% of the world’s population and representing 80% of the global gross domestic product (GDP) (UN DESA, 2018). Urbanisation has improved societal well-being by expanding economic activities and business opportunities, … Continue reading

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Mobilising institutional capital for renewable energy

RENEWABLE ENERGY INVESTMENTS As the global energy transformation progresses, the investment profile of renewable energy is also changing rapidly. The amount of capital invested in renewable energy has grown substantially over the past decade. Capital flows reflect a growing variety … Continue reading

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Geothermal development in Eastern Africa

ENERGY SECTOR LANDSCAPE The East African Rift countries and the Comoros Islands are endowed with several sources of energy for which distribution and potential vary significantly from country to country. A government’s decision to render support to a given energy … Continue reading

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Oil companies and the energy transition

Climate change has become one of the greatest threats of this century to the environment, as well as to global security including health, wealth and political stability. Over the past decade, energy-related carbon dioxide (CO2 )emissions have increased 1% annually … Continue reading

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Global Market Outlook For Solar Power / 2020 – 2024

GLOBAL SOLAR MARKET UPDATE 2000 – 2019 Overall, 2019 was a decent growth year for the global solar sector, improving with a low two-digit rate after it basically paused the year before. Looking beyond the newlyinstalled worldwide solar capacity, solar … Continue reading

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Order No. 04 of 2021 In the Matter of: Tariff framework for Procurement of Power by Distribution Licensees and Others from Wind-Solar Hybrid Energy Projects and Other Commercial issues for the State of Gujarat. INTRODUCTION BackgroundIn exercise of the powers … Continue reading

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