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INTRODUCTIONTransparency of supply chains is paramount. Equipment purchasers, electricity end-users, and other stakeholders demand transparency for reasons ranging from sustainability to corporate social responsibility to import compliance. In this environment, manufacturers must have the proper systems in place to meet … Continue reading

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Global Renewables Outlook: Energy transformation 2050

A WIDENING GAP BETWEEN RHETORIC AND ACTION The gap between aspiration and the reality in tackling climate change remains as significant as ever, despite mounting evidence of the harm that climate change is causing. Negative effects of climate change are … Continue reading

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Recycle: Bioenergy

Introduction Climate change is one of the greatest threats of our era. Over the past decade, energy-relatedcarbon dioxide (CO2 ) emissions have increased by 1% per year on average. If the historical trends were to continue, energy-related emissions would increase … Continue reading

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Green hydrogen: A guide to policy making

Green hydrogen is an energy carrier that can be used in many different applications. However, its actual use is still very limited. Each year around 120 million tonnes of hydrogen are produced globally, of which two-thirds are pure hydrogen and … Continue reading

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Electric vehicles Setting a course for 2030

Introduction Before the COVID-19 pandemic shook up the automotive industry – along with every other industry – electric vehicles were moving steadily into the spotlight. The combined annual sales of battery electric vehicles and plug-inhybrid electric vehicles tipped over the … Continue reading

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INTRODUCTION Global investments in renewable energy are increasing at an exponential rate. At the start of the century, between 2000 and 2009, this sector drew total investments of US$ 2.6 trillion.1It continued to grow in the subsequent years and peaked … Continue reading

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EU Market Outlook For Solar POwer 2020-2024

EU solar markets 2020 Solar power in the European Union has shown strong resilience in 2020 despite Coronavirus negatively impacting everyone’s lives in many ways. While the solar industry has successfully worked on further reducing costs for solar power generation, … Continue reading

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The Green Future Index 2021

A ranking of 76 economies on their progress and commitment toward building a low carbon future. Introduction Efforts to combat climate change have been taking shape for more than a decade, but, until now, many have largely generated empty words, … Continue reading

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The State of Solar: Bracing for a Post-Subsidy Era in China

China has led the world in annual solar installation capacity for the last seven years. The success of China’s solar industry is closely observed by the international community, which is looking to see if China’s progress will fulfill the 2030 … Continue reading

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Global Market Outlook For Solar Power / 2020 – 2024

GLOBAL SOLAR MARKET UPDATE 2000 – 2019 Overall, 2019 was a decent growth year for the global solar sector, improving with a low two-digit rate after it basically paused the year before. Looking beyond the newlyinstalled worldwide solar capacity, solar … Continue reading

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