Central Electricity Authority Load Generation Balance Report 2012-13 – A Must Read

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The annual Load Generation Balance Report (LGBR) for the year 2012-13 is the thirty first publication in the series brought out by CEA. The Report covers the month-wise anticipated energy requirement and availability (in MU) as well as peak demand and availability (in MW) for the year 2012-13 considering all India annual generation target of 930 BU, finalized after detailed discussions with the State Electricity Boards/ Utilities and Central / State / Private Generation Companies and availability from import of Power from Generation Projects in Bhutan and also availability from non-conventional and renewable energy sources in the country. The report also brings out comparison of the actual Power Supply Position with the forecasted Power Supply Position indicated in LGBR for the year 2012-13.

Total Energy CEA 2012 - 2013

During the year 2011-12, 11 nos. 765 kV lines in central sector, two no. 765 kV lines in state sector along-with 41 nos. 400 kV lines in central sector, 14 no. 400 kV line in state sector and 14 nos. lines in private sector have been commissioned. The commissioning of the above 765 kV and 400 kV transmission lines in different sector, the inter-state and intra-state capability of power transfer of the country have considerably enhanced. Efforts are also being made for enhanced capacity addition in the XII Five Year Plan. A generating capacity addition of 17,956 MW has been considered in the LGBR for 2012-13. These measures are expected to help the deficit states to reduce their shortages.

Load Generation Balance Report would provide valuable inputs to SEBs / Utilities for their operational planning including bilateral tie-ups.

Central Electricity Authority _lgbr_report Statewise Power requirements 2012-2013 CEA

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