Benchmark Cost for “Off-grid and Decentralized Solar PV Applications Programme” for the year 2017-18

In continuation of this Ministry’s sanction order number 5/23/2009-P&C (Pt. Ill) dated 3rd November  2014 reg. additions/amendments  in the  above  mentioned  scheme,  I am  directed to convey the sanction of the President of India for the revised Benchmark Cost with immediate effect:-

Type Category Benchmark Cost
Lighting systems (Rs /Wp) LED (Home Lights System+ Solar Lantern)  


Street lights (Lead Acid battery)
Street Lights (LED +LiFeP04) battery 475
Power packs (With battery bank @ 7.2 VAh/Wp)

(Rs /Wp)

Up to 300 Wp  


300 Wp to 1kWp  


Solar Power Plants (Rs /Wp) >1 kWp to 10 kWp

(with battery bank @ 7.2 VAh/Wp)



>1 kWp to 10 kWp

(with battery bank @ 3.6 VAh/Wp)



>1 kWp to 10 kWp

(with battery bank @ 1.2 VAh/Wp)



Solar Power plants (Rs /Wp) >10 kWp to 100 kWp

(with battery bank @ 7.2 VAh/Wp)



>10 kWp to 100 kWp

(with battery bank @ 3.6 VAh/Wp)

>10 kWp to 100 kWp

(with battery bank @ 1.2 VAh/Wp)



Street Lights through SPV (Rs /Wp)  

Up to 100 kWp




Solar Pumps (Rs /hp) Upto 3 HP (DC)  


> 3 HP – 5 HP (DC)  


> 5 HP – 10 HP (DC)  


Upto 3 HP (AC)  


> 3 HP to 5 HP (AC)  


> 5 HP to 10 HP (AC)


The other terms & conditions will be applicable as per the guidelines and provisions mentioned in the administrative approval of Solar Off Grid and Decentralized PV Programme. The amendments made herein above shall come into force with immediate effect.

This issues with the approval of Hon’ble Minister (NRE)

(Nikhil Gakkhar)

Scientist B Phone 011-24360707 , Extn 1922

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About Ritesh Pothan

Ritesh Pothan, is an accomplished speaker and visionary in the Solar Energy space in India. Ritesh is from an Engineering Background with a Master’s Degree in Technology and had spent more than a decade as the Infrastructure Head for a public limited company with the last 9 years dedicated to Solar and Renewable Energy. He also runs the 2 largest India focused renewable energy groups on LinkedIn - Solar - India and Renewables - India
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