Surat confident of zero waste by 2015

Is it possible for a city to keep all its waste out of the landfill? The diamond city thinks it is. And, the urban planners in the Surat Municipal Corporation (SMC) say it will only take three years for them to reach the goal of making Surat a ‘zero waste’ city.

If all goes well as planned by the SMC’s solid waste department, Surat will be the second in the country after Pune in adopting ‘zero waste’ strategy.

In a city having population of 46 lakh, SMC collects about 1,200 metric tonne of solid waste daily. It is collected from six transfer stations based at Bhatar, Katargam, Varachha, Anjana, Pal and Bhestan and sent to Khajod solid waste disposal site.

Out of the 1,200 MT solid waste, about 400 metric tonne waste is used for making compost and Refused Derived Fuel (RDF) and the rest goes to the landfill.

By 2015, about 600 tonne of solid waste generated in the city per day will go to a new environmental-friendly waste to energy technology to be set up by the civic body at the existing Khajod disposal site where the waste will be turned into energy and the residual material known as ‘ash’ will be used as the building material.

“We intend to set up a 600 MT plant of the Germany-based Concord Blue System. This new waste to energy technology can handle any type of input material containing a substantial part of organic origin such as plastics, sewage, wood, biomass, hospital waste, industry and agricultural waste such as sugar and effluent. The idea is to use the waste for green energy without sending the waste to landfill,” said EH Pathan, head of SMC’s solid waste management cell.

Pathan said that the Concord Blue is a tower-like gasifer and employs the process of gasification to treat the waste fed in it and produces electricity. The gasifier was first operated on experimental basis in Germany and now is being used in Japan and our developed countries since the past many years.

“We have invited expression of interest for setting up of the plant at Khajod. It twill take around 24 months for commissioning,” said Pathan.

Source: Times of India

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