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Geothermal development in Eastern Africa

ENERGY SECTOR LANDSCAPE The East African Rift countries and the Comoros Islands are endowed with several sources of energy for which distribution and potential vary significantly from country to country. A government’s decision to render support to a given energy … Continue reading

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Executive Summary The world today is witnessing several kinds of technological disruptions in different sectors. One of the likely disruption in power sector can be replacement of thermal based generation with Renewable energy generation complimented with energy storage technology. This … Continue reading

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Thermocline System looking to provide Cheap, Efficient Solar Energy Storage at $0.78 US per kWh

Researchers at the University of Arkansas in the US set out to invent an efficient and economical energy storage system that would improve the overall efficiency of solar thermal plants. The team has developed a thermocline solar energy storage system that stores … Continue reading

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