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Trading into a bright energy future The case for open, high-quality solar photovoltaic markets

THE SOLAR PHOTOVOLTAIC INDUSTRY AND THE COVID-19 PANDEMIC The COVID-19 pandemic has caused the most acute health crisis in generations and has sent shockwaves across economies worldwide. Renewable energies can play a dual role in helping the world to recover. … Continue reading

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Employment Potential of Emerging Renewable Energy Technologies

Floating solar photovoltaic (FPV) technology offers a new and additional pathway to realize India’s clean energy ambitions. It taps the country’s large water reservoirs to overcome some of the persisting issues of ground-mounted solar, such as the lack of levelled … Continue reading

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Reduce: Non-bio renewables

Introduction Climate change has become one of the greatest threats of this century to environmental, as well as global, security, with adverse impacts on health, wealth and political stability. Over the past decade, energy-related CO2 emissions have increased by 1% … Continue reading

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Renewable Energy Prospects for Central and South-Eastern Europe Energy Connectivity (CESEC)

RENEWABLE ENERGY DEPLOYMENT BY SOURCE AND APPLICATION IN 2030 In 2015, the base year for this analysis, solid biomass and hydro power accounted for the bulk of all the renewable energy consumption in the CESEC region. More than half of … Continue reading

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Records tumble as ‘historic’ 2020 US solar deployment tees up decade of growth

The US solar sector smashed multiple records in 2020 as the industry recorded an “historic” fourth quarter, teeing up a forthcoming decade where installations are expected to more than quadruple.Those figures, included within the new edition of the US Solar … Continue reading

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COVID-19 ‘hurting but not halting’ renewables as IEA revises forecasts

The International Energy Agency (IEA) expects renewables deployment to rebound next year, with the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic said to be “hurting, but not halting” growth.In a revision to forecasts made in October 2019, the IEA now expects total renewables deployment … Continue reading

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