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Toyota is creating a combustion engine that directly generates electricity

Electric vehicles have come a long way in recent years, but even the premium-priced Tesla cars are short on range compared to good old internal combustion. Gasoline is probably going to remain part of our transportation makeup into the foreseeable … Continue reading

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Fueled vs Electric Cars: The Great Race Begins

The amazing success of the Tesla model S proves that electric cars may have a chance of replacing liquid fueled vehicles in the long run. Skeptics point out that most of our electric power today comes from coal, which is … Continue reading

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Solutions for the new age – my article on the future of private transport in Energy Next Magazine

Vehicles are now the most polluting segment of any urban society and India is no exception either. With the current trend of diesel taking precedence, this issue needs to be looked into and a lot of thought needs to go … Continue reading

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Soon, BEST to power its bus depots with solar energy

MUMBAI: Taking a leap towards conservation of energy, the BEST has decided to experiment with the use of solar power to provide electricity to its 25 bus depots across the city. BEST incurs a huge power bill, which runs into lakhs of … Continue reading

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