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Solar manufacturing costs ‘driven by scale rather than cheap labour or subsidies’

Advanced technologies are expected to enable manufacturers in both regions to reach a more competitive scale through improved access to capital Production scale rather than low labour costs has driven China’s boom in manufacturing PV modules, according to a joint … Continue reading

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Current Solar Module Efficiency Nowhere Near Its Potential, Especially Thin-Film Solar & CPV (Chart)

National Renewable Energy Laboratory (NREL) Director Dan Arvizu recently gave a keynote speech during the 2013 International Renewable Energy Conference (part of Abu Dhabi Sustainability Week), which I was lucky enough to attend*. His speech covered a large variety of cleantech topics, and most of … Continue reading

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NREL verifies First Solar’s 16.1% total area module efficiency record leap

  Easily surpassing its previous record of 14.4% efficiency, First Solar a pushed the bar to 16.1%. Importantly, the CdTe thin-film leader also set a record for open circuit voltage (VOC), reaching an NREL verified 903.2 millivolts (mV). First Solar … Continue reading

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NREL study shows CSP with energy storage can help utilities, something India’s Solar JNNSM Policy sorely lacks

Concentrated Solar Power (CSP) with thermal energy storage can add significant value to a company’s energy mix, a new study by the National Renewable Energy Laboratory (NREL) has revealed The NREL report found that, compared to solar PV, CSP having a six-hour … Continue reading

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