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Lithium Ion Batteries Get Big Performance Boost From Wonder Material Known As… Sand

A new lithium ion battery that notably outperforms the industry standard across a wide variety of different parameters was recently created by researchers at the University of California, Riverside’s Bourns College of Engineering, through the use of a new “wonder … Continue reading

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Gram Power: ‘smart microgrid’ produces, stores renewable energy on location

Twenty-two-year-old Yashraj Khaitan finds it difficult to explain to his parents what exactly he is doing in a remote village in Rajasthan. One year ago, as a fresh graduate from the University of California, Berkeley, Khaitan turned down a job offer from Ericsson, … Continue reading

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70% Efficient Solar Cells Possible Using Silicon BC8

Researchers at the University of California (UC), Davis state an exotic form of silicon could produce major gains in solar cell efficiency. When a particle of light hits a silicon crystal, it generates a negatively charged electron and a positively … Continue reading

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