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Reduce: Non-bio renewables

Introduction Climate change has become one of the greatest threats of this century to environmental, as well as global, security, with adverse impacts on health, wealth and political stability. Over the past decade, energy-related CO2 emissions have increased by 1% … Continue reading

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Thermal energy storage has the potential to be an important enabler of increased renewables penetration in energy systems.Solar and wind generation is variable across daily and seasonal timescales. Energy system operators can match supply and demand of energy through forms … Continue reading

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Myanmar: Solar Investment Opportunities Emerging Markets

ENERGY GEOGRAPHYMyanmar is one the most poorly electrified countries in Southeast Asia, with an average electrification rate of only 39% at the end of 2017. Yangon, its largest city and the former capital, consumes almost half of the country’s electricity … Continue reading

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Solar, the new Gateway to the decentralised Energy System

CHAPTER 1. DECENTRALISATION: A new mega-trend in the European power sector For an increasing number of consumers in Europe, distributed generation combined with othersmart solutions represents the perfect way to control their energy bill. Other behavioral factors may of course … Continue reading

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