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Southeast Asia needs to go all in on the renewables revolution

Solar and wind power can provide plenty of energy for Mekong countries and help avoid a dangerous tipping point for the river The construction of hydropower dams on the Mekong has brought the river, and the world’s largest freshwater fishery, … Continue reading

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Solar Photovoltaics in Severe Weather: Cost Considerations for Storm Hardening PV Systems for Resilience

Resilience can be defined as the ability to anticipate, prepare for, and adapt to changing conditions and withstand, respond to, and recover rapidly from disruptions through adaptable and holistic planning and technical solutions (Hotchkiss 2016). Solar photovoltaic (PV) power has … Continue reading

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JNNSM has 70% of foreign Solar Cells / Modules installed in 77 projects to date

The Government has stipulated certain technical measures to ensure quality of the PV modules used in Solar power projects taken up under different Central schemes of the Jawaharlal Nehru National Solar Mission (JNNSM). During last 3 years and current year … Continue reading

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Renewable Energy Technologies: Cost Analysis Series 2012 – Solar Photovoltaics, Wind, Biomass, CSP and Hydro

Renewable power generation can help countries meet their sustainable development goals through provision of access to clean, secure, reliable and affordable energy. Renewable energy has gone mainstream, accounting for the majority of capacity additions in power generation today.Tens of gigawatts … Continue reading

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