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CERC’s draft norms to cut tariffs, hurt power companies

The Central Electricity Regulatory Commission’s (CERC) recommendations in the draft regulations for 2014-19, if accepted, may bring down tariffs marginally across the country but will hurt central power companies and spell more financial trouble for state utilities. Tariff regulations are … Continue reading

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Study on the sustainability of Biomass based power generation in Karnataka TERI – 2013

Biomass is a renewable resource and estimated to be surplus across the country. It has been identified as a potential source for power generation. Biomass is derived from the by-products of various resources like agricultural crops such as paddy, corn and sugarcane, wood … Continue reading

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Poor Chinese power imports: Consumers to bear the brunt

Poor quality of Chinese equipment imports to add to power production woes For years, Indian power equipment manufacturers have been complaining to the government over cheap imports from other countries, especially China. On their part, government did bring in some measures to protect … Continue reading

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Uttarakhand comes up with innovative rooftop solar policy – Rs. 9.2 per KWhr injected into the grid is quite attractive

With power demand growing 10-15 percent annually, and the hydropower sector taking a beating in Uttarakhand, the government has come out with a new policy to harness solar energy using unutilised space on rooftops and wasteland around buildings. “Uttarakhand has … Continue reading

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India allows power firms to pass on imported coal costs – Your Electric Bill is on its way up coupled with harmful emissions too

Natgrp: If we improve our grid Infrastructure as well as generation capabilities we don’t need to add a single MW for the next few years but bottom line takes precedence. Our investment should be in Solar power with storage which … Continue reading

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15780 off-grid SPV Power Plants with total capacity of 13.25 MWp Sanctioned in 2012-13

The Ministry has sanctioned 15780 off-grid solar photovoltaic (SPV) power plants of total capacity of 13.25 MWp to be installed on individual houses in the country during 2012-13. Under the Off-grid and Decentralized Solar Applications Scheme of Jawaharlal Nehru National … Continue reading

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Delhi Discoms want power tariff hiked from April upto a maximum of 13%

February was a chance to register views on the petitions filed by the three discoms for a tariff hike in the next financial year. Of the three discoms, BYPL (that supplies to east and central Delhi) has sought the maximum … Continue reading

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Germany’s power market is broken: Macquarie – the dark side of Renewable Energy

LONDON: Germany’s strong support for renewable energy has broken its electricity market, where incentives are lacking to build back-up power plants and cheap coal prices discourage the use of cleaner gas plants, investment bank Macquarie said. Retail prices in Germany will continue to rise to cover … Continue reading

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