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World’s largest 280 MW solar thermal parabolic plant with storage comes on-line

Concentrated solar thermal is again making the news, with the world’s largest parabolic trough array with thermal storage – opening for business in Arizona. The 280MW Solana Solana Generating Station constructed by Spanish group Abengoa has six hours of molten storage capacity … Continue reading

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The Economic and Reliability Benefits of CSP with Thermal Energy Storage: Recent Studies and Research Needs

Foreword As the penetration of wind and solar generation becomes a significant portion of grid power, utilities and government policy makers have begun to sponsor analyses to compare alternative renewable resource portfolios. This has resulted in calculations of net system costs … Continue reading

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NREL study shows CSP with energy storage can help utilities, something India’s Solar JNNSM Policy sorely lacks

Concentrated Solar Power (CSP) with thermal energy storage can add significant value to a company’s energy mix, a new study by the National Renewable Energy Laboratory (NREL) has revealed The NREL report found that, compared to solar PV, CSP having a six-hour … Continue reading

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Thermocline System looking to provide Cheap, Efficient Solar Energy Storage at $0.78 US per kWh

Researchers at the University of Arkansas in the US set out to invent an efficient and economical energy storage system that would improve the overall efficiency of solar thermal plants. The team has developed a thermocline solar energy storage system that stores … Continue reading

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