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Renewable Energy Vs Conventional Power – The Debate Resolved by Ritesh Pothan

This decade has re-defined the energy paradigm with renewables surging to all time high installations. Globally renewables contribute a significant amount to the energy mix in developed countries. Continents like the America’s, Europe and Asia have installed more renewables in … Continue reading

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Why consumers won’t need the power industry any more

Natgrp: India has the dubious yet unique opportunity of bringing solar to the masses who as yet do not have the use of grid energy mechanisms especially in villages and far flung locations. Solar can take care of most of … Continue reading

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Energy Storage: Why We Need It, And Why We Don’t

NATGRP: India is a country blessed with abundant Hydro (~20% of total  generation) due to the Himalayas with sunny days almost through out the year. Balancing Solar with Hydro would be the easiest way of covering peak energy concerns for … Continue reading

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EPIA: Self-consumption can drive PV storage reducing need to install grid storage and reinforcements

Natgrp: India needs to promote storage at the rooftop levels to grow at a consistent rate and reduce losses / overheads of infrastructure The European PV Industry Association (EPIA) has endorsed the recent European Commission (EC) working paper on PV … Continue reading

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A Breakthrough In Energy Storage: Graphene Micro Supercapacitors

Imagine plugging in your smartphone for thirty seconds and then continuing the rest of your day with a fully charged phone. Then imagine plugging in your electric vehicle for less time than it takes to fill up a standard gas tank … Continue reading

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