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Solar Risk Assessment: 2019 – Quantitative Insights from the Industry Experts

Introduction “In God we trust, all others must bring data.” – American Statistician W. Edwards DemingRarely does a single investment yield both significant social and financial benefit. In this way, solar is unique: this rapidly growing asset class offers the promise … Continue reading

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Too much of a good thing: Inverter hyper-clipping

In earlier articles we’ve already pointed out that inverter clipping isn’t as significant as most people think, and that in a grid-power-constrained system it may be economically optimal to have a rather large DC-to-AC ratio. But what if there was a situation that … Continue reading

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SMA Solar sales continue slump on market conditions and competitive pricing

Natgrp: India should now see more aggressive pricing on inverters from SMA    Power plant sales as a percentage of total sales has increased significantly in the last 12-months reaching 38.4% of sales, compared to 23.4% in the first half … Continue reading

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SMA Solar’s market share falls from over 40% in 2010 to just 25% in 2012

SMA Solar’s market share, sales, margins and workforce fall in 2012 SMA Solar’s market share has plummeted from over 40% in 2010 to only 25% in 2012. An increasingly competitive marketplace continues to erode SMA Solar Technology’s once dominant position in the … Continue reading

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Design your own PV Plant using SMAs Sunny Design available for Free

With Sunny Design, designing PV plants is easier than ever. Simply enter all the required information and within a few minutes you will receive the optimum plant configuration. The free software provides solar power professionals and plant planners with a … Continue reading

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