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Fossil fuel subsidies costing global economy $2 trillion: IMF

Science informs us about the environmental cost of our global fossil fuel habit – the IPCC recently reported that CO2 emissions from fossil fuel combustion and industrial processes contributed around 78 per cent of the total increase in greenhouse gas … Continue reading

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Green energy red-flagged

Ritesh: While we agree to some of the points here, this article doesn’t take into account the negative effects of a similar quantity of fossil fuel generation. There is a lack of actual knowledge and is an alarmist view point … Continue reading

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President Obama: If Congress won’t act on climate change, I will; Promises to cut energy wastage by half over the next 20 years

President Obama made one of his most aggressive declarations to using market-based means to fight climate change since early on in his first term. President Barack Obama urged Congress to adopt market-based solutions to fight climate change in his State … Continue reading

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