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China and US Vaccine Diplomacy in the Middle East and North Africa

Since the outbreak of COVID-19, health cooperation and solidarity in fighting the pandemic has been essential in mitigating the crisis. In turn, cooperation on health issues has strengthened overall diplomatic support between nations. After the breakout of COVID-19 in Wuhan, … Continue reading

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INTRODUCTION Tackling climate changeAlthough we have made progress in decarbonising many aspects of the world’s energy matrix, with solar, wind and hydro all adding to “green” electricity generation, longdistance transport has proven much more difficult to decarbonise. Increasing electrification of … Continue reading

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INTRODUCTION KEY DRIVERS OF OFFSHORE RENEWABLE DEVELOPMENTClimate change is one of the greatest threats of this century and is already affecting many regions around the globe. Such impacts are driven by rising GHG emissions, especially from the energy sector, which … Continue reading

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KEY FINDINGS Ammonia is an essential global commodity. Around 85% of all ammonia is used to produce synthetic nitrogen fertiliser. A wide range of other applications exist such as refrigeration, mining, pharmaceuticals, water treatment, plastics and fibres, abatement of nitrogen … Continue reading

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Industry Trends in PV Module Quality from over 250 Factory Audits – PI Berlin

This study analyzes trends in PV module quality from over 250 independent factory audits conducted on more than 120 manufacturers by PI Berlin since 2012. The results provide useful insights into the major trends in PV modules over time, by … Continue reading

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Global Market Outlook For Solar Power / 2017 – 2021

Welcome to SolarPower Europe’s Global Market Outlook 2017 – 2021. This Global Market Outlook is special for various reasons: in response to the rapid developments in the solar sector it contains much more information than last year’s edition. It was … Continue reading

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The best and worst countries in the world when it comes to air pollution and electricity use

China steals an unsavory global spotlight for the thick, noxious smog that often chokes its mega-cities. Air pollution has become so bad in Beijing, for example, that Chinese officials aim to slash its local coal consumption by 30% in 2017. … Continue reading

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Chevron Admits The Truth: Oil Shale Will Use Huge Amounts Of Water

Ritesh: You can live without oil but you can’t live without water. Oil while it is precious, lives are more so . Everytime we take an unnecessary luxury we burn our own and our children’s future. One of the largest … Continue reading

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India Minister Nitin Gadkari Asks Goverment to Scrap Solar Duties – The Ministry of Finance has until Aug. 22 to implement the duties

India’s transport minister has asked Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s government to scrap a plan by the nation’s previous administration to impose duties on solar imports from China, the U.S., Malaysia and Taiwan, the Hindu Business Line reported. Minister of Road, Transport and … Continue reading

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Coal isn’t going away soon! China’s clean fuel focus tests U.S. coal exports lifeline

A child wearing a mask plays in the heavy smog in Qingdao in east China’s Shandong province on Jan. 24, 2013. Experts say that if China wants to avoid the kind of smog that choked the country earlier, it must … Continue reading

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