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Megawatt Zinc-air batteries to power wind over fossil fuels?

An advanced zinc-air battery could lead to a low-cost alternative to conventional lithium-ion technology. Credit:Stanford University A zinc-air battery developed by researchers and Stanford University may provide an economical alternative to lithium-ion batteries for use in renewable energy plants. When adopted … Continue reading

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LightSail Gets $5.5 Million For Compressed Air Energy Storage – Is it Cheaper than batteries!

LightSail Energy, a utility-scale energy storage company, has obtained $5.5 million from investors to fund its compressed air energy storage (CAES) project in the second closing of its $37.3 million Round D. LightSail CAES Concept. Image obtained from LightSail Energy. The … Continue reading

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Net Metering Debate Rages On in the US Despite Calls For Calm – Discoms dispute the benefits of Net Metering

Net metering is one of the most emotionally charged issues in renewable energy, and now it’s back in the spotlight. A panel discussion at PV America East in Philadelphia last week explored ways that utilities and ratepayers can agree on … Continue reading

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