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BESCOM Proposes a Tariff Separation for Open Access Consumers Above 1 MW in Karnataka

Bangalore Electricity Supply Company (BESCOM) has proposed a separate tariff for >1 MW open access consumers, as it causes the non-recovery of fixed costs. BESCOM has requested for an increase in charges for consumers of 1 MW and above with … Continue reading

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Exemption of Electricity Duty to Open Access consumers who are exempted to pay Electricity Duty. MSEDCL

MAHAVITARAN Maharashtra State Electricity Distribution Co. Ltd. Maharashtra State Electricity Distribution Co. Ltd. Prakashgad, Plot No.G-9, Sandra (East), Mumbai – 400 051 (P) 26474753, (0) 26474211126472131, Fax- 26472366, E-Mail;-cecomm@mahadiscom.in   To, P-Com/Accts/EDI                                                            DEC 2016] All superintending Engineers                                                                                                        ‘ O&M … Continue reading

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AP boosts Solar Power by applying Cross Subsidy Surcharge (CSS) on all other sources including Renewables

AP has made Solar Power the preferred Open Access medium of choice by applying huge CSS on all other types of generation including wind, this is a validation of the need for Solar Power. Cross Subsidy Surcharge for FY2015-16*   … Continue reading

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Cabinet approves Electricity Bill Amendment including Mega Solar

The Cabinet has cleared amendments to the Electricity Act to bring in more reforms and increase competition. It also approved an ambitious 20,000 megawatts (MW) solar power proposal, which the government says will help India become a global leader in … Continue reading

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Gujarat imposes ban on power sourcing from other states

Narendra Modi-led Gujarat government has banned state-based companies from sourcing electricity from other states, a move that will compel them to buy costlier power from government-run utilities. The decision, ahead of the general elections beginning next month, will affect companies … Continue reading

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REC suggestions jointly submitted by Solar Energy Association of Gujarat and Natural Group

REC modification suggestions were jointly submitted by Solar Energy Association of Gujarat and Natural Group to ensure the future of Solar in India. These suggestions will also be discussed by Shri Pranav Gupta and Ritesh Pothan on the panel chaired by CERC … Continue reading

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MSEDCL removes Cross Subsidy discount for Renewable Energy in Maharashtra

Natgrp: In a blow to open access in electricity for Maharashtra, MSEDCL has now implemented the highest tariffs for commercial consumers.  Applicable  CSS for  Open  Access (OA)  Consumers  of  MSEDCL effective   from  21st February 2013  :- A.  CSS for HT … Continue reading

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Metering Protocol for Captive Solar Plants in Andhra Pradesh for REC

  The Government of Andhra Pradesh has announced Andhra Pradesh Solar Power Policy-2012 to encourage large scale solar power generation in the State vide G.O.Ms.No.39, dated 26.09.2012 & G.O.Ms. No. 44, dated 16.11.2012. As such, APTRANSCO / APDISCOMs have proposed to … Continue reading

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