TERI breakthrough in rejuvenating 30000 hectares affected by COAL POWER PLANTS

And digressing from RE , after years of labour, TERI’s Centre for Mycorrhizal Research achieved a technological breakthrough—masscultivation of a consortium of mycorrhizae on a semisynthetic medium under sterile environments.

In vitro mycorrhiza biofertilizer is a multipurpose and multifaceted product—it is a soil conditioner, bio-remediator, and bio-control agent and has wide applications in agriculture, plantations, horticulture, forestry, and biofuels. There is more—it has shown immense potential in reclamation of stressed ecosystems like fly ash dumps, sites loaded with alkali chlor sludge or distillery effluents, and other man-made wastelands.

Useful for many kinds of vegetables, fruits, pulses, plantations, fodder crops, etc., mycorrhiza has proven, through field trials conducted by TERI, that fly ash dumps and mined-out areas and sites affected by industrial effluents, oil sludge, and chlor alkali sludge can be reclaimed for vegetation. Affected sites around the Badarpur Thermal Power Station in Delhi, the Korba Super Thermal Power Station in Chhattisgarh, and the Vijayawada State Thermal Power Station in Andhra Pradesh have been completely restored. Only this technology provides a sustainable, economical, and healthy answer to clearing the approximately 30 000 hectares of land under fly ash in India. The results are an eye-opener.

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Also watch the video by TERI which shows villagers now actively managing their own micro hydel power stations and improve their standard of living. 4000+ projects in the pipeline….

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