Tidal Power still very expensive, as Gujarat enters into agreement with US firm

The Gujarat government has entered into a preliminary agreement with US firm Atlantis for starting a 50 MW tidal wave power project at either of the two spots, but preferably in the Gulf of Kutch, “a senior official said, adding, “While the state fisheries department and Gujarat Maritime Board have cleared the project, it is lying for a nod with the environment department for over a year.”

Sources said, details furnished by Atlantis suggest that cost of one MW in putting up tidalwave power project would Rs 17.1 crore, which includes the cost of the turbine, sub-station equipment, power electronics equipment, cabling and installation. This is if Atlantis puts up a 50 MW tidal project. But in case in case it proposes a 250 MW project, the cost would go down to Rs 14.1 crore.

Tariff of the power to be produced from tidal wave would be Rs 15 per unit, the sources said, which suggests that the Gujarat government would be required to give a massive subsidy for 20 to 25 years in the same as it has done to solar power projects. There is, however, no decision on the matter. “The matter will be looked into in case more firms show in putting up tidal power projects”, the official said.

Source: Times of India

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