Ministry of New and Renewable Energy – Jawaharlal Nehru National solar Mission – TECHNICAL SPECIFICATIONS FOR COMPACT FLUORESCENT LAMP (CFL) BASED SOLAR PHOTOVOLTAIC LIGHTING SYSTEMS (Off-grid Solar Applications Scheme 2012-2013)


A Solar Lantern is a portable lighting device consisting of a PV module, battery, lamp,
and electronics. Battery, lamp, and electronics are placed in a suitable housing, made of
metal or plastic or fiber glass. The Solar lantern is suitable for either indoor or outdoor
lighting, covering a full range of 360 degrees.

PV module converts sun light into electricity, charges the battery which powers the
luminaire. Luminaire consists of Compact Fluorescent Lamp (CFL) and an Electronic


The broad performance specifications of a CFL light source based solar lantern system
are given below:

  1. PV Module 10 Wp under STC
  2. Battery Sealed Maintenance Free (SMF) lead acid battery or NiMH battery or Lithium Ion Battery
  3. Light Source 7 Watt CFL luminaire with 4 pins only along with proper pre-heating circuit
  4. Electronics Efficiency approximately 85%
  5. Duty cycle 4 hours a day under average daily insolation of 5.5 kWh/ sq.m. on a horizontal surface.
  6. Autonomy Minimum of 3 days or 12 operating hours per permissible discharge

Read the complete version MNRE_Offgrid_Specs_cfl_spls_2012_13

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