Installations of Solar Radiation Resource Assessment Stations Completed across India

Ministry of New and Renewable Energy (MNRE) has initiated a major project on Solar Radiation Resource Assessment (SRRA) station  across the nation to assess and quantify the solar radiation availability along with weather parameters with a view to develop Solar Atlas.

Centre for Wind Energy Technology (C-WET), Chennai is implementing the project by installing a network of 51 Solar Radiation Resource Assessment (SRRA) station  in the first phase in different States using high quality, high resolution equipment/instruments


Sr. No States No. of SRRA Stations
Proposed Completed
1      Rajasthan 12 12
2      Gujarat 11 11
3      Tamilnadu 7 7
4      Andhra Pradesh 6 6
5      Karnataka 5 5
6      Maharashtra 3 3
7      Madhya Pradesh 3 3
8      Jammu & kashmir 1 1
9      Chhattisgarh 1 1
10      Pondichery 1 1
11      Haryana 1 1
     Total 51 51

Each SRRA station consists of two towers of 1.5 m and 6 m tall each. The 1.5 m tall tower houses a Solar Tracker equipped with Pyranometer, Pyranometer with Shaded Ring and Pyrheliometer to measure solar parameters, such as, global, diffused and direct radiation.

The 6 m tall tower houses instruments measuring rainfall, ambient temperature, atmospheric pressure, relative humidity, wind speed and direction.

Each SRRA station  is totally powered by 160 Watt SPV Panels and consists of 13 equipments/instruments and records 37 parameters inclusive of both measured and derived.

The data from each SRRA station  averaged to 10 minutes will be transmitted to a Central Receiving Station established at C-WET, Chennai through GPRS mode.

The implementation of the project has started from February 2011 and all stations have already been installed, completed and commissioned.

The monthly average (daily) wise data received from each SRRA station  is available with C-WET. The quality checking process of the data is on


SRRA data for C-WET station-Annexure-A

List of SRRA stations with co_ordinates-Annexure-B

SRRA Stations


Solar Data Sharing and Accessibility Policy (SDSAP-2012)

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