Mahindra’s take on the Reva Electric Car platform

The e2O is the latest offering from the Mahindra Group, which says it will meet its “5 Cs” framework: clean, convenient, connective, clever, and cost effective.
The four-seater e2O (pronounced “ee-too-oh” has already been certified as road-worthy.

Its range of 100 km (62 miles) is not especially impressive compared to American electric cars. But it is likely sufficient for the commutes of the city residents Mahindra Reva, the electric vehicle arm of the investment group, is targeting.

Reva used to sell a two-seater mini car, the REVAi, which it will stop selling to focus on the e2O, the Wall Street Journal reported. The e2O will be the only electric four-seater car in India.

The car can be charged via a common 15 ampere outlet, or using what Mahindra calls “Sun2Car,” where the e2O is parked under a canopy of solar panels that produce electricity and transfer it to the car’s lithium ion batteries.

The e2O will be built at a Bangalore plant capable of producing 30,000 cars per year.

Last month, Mahindra reportedly considered buying Aston Martin, pulling out of a deal before Italian company Invest industrial purchased the luxury brand.

mahindra reva e2O electric sun2car

The Sun2Car charging platform.

Source: Business Insider

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