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Solar shakeout: Banks pull LDK subsidiary Sunways’ credit facilities

Sunways said in a statement that the “current economic situation of the photovoltaics industry and of the company” led to its banks terminating all credit facilities and would exercise rights to unspecified collateral provided by the company that had initially … Continue reading

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Could Kurzweil be right about solar, the Google of energy?

Ray Kurzweil presents his cost curves on solar at Berkeley University earlier this month. Paula Mints’ slide doesn’t look a million miles away from one of Kurzweil’s exponential graphs. Cleantech investors often talk about the quest for the ‘Google of … Continue reading

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Sharp adds 0.2% efficiency to record triple-junction InGaAs solar cell

The latest efficiency improvement was due to further indium, gallium, and arsenide material combination optimization that improved light absorption across the various wavelengths. Further tweaks of its triple-junction InGaAs InGaAs (indium gallium arsenide) solar cell have led to Sharp reporting … Continue reading

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Amonix CPV system breaks peak efficiency record

Amonix CPV module has set a new peak efficiency world record. Image: Amonix. Concentrated PV (CPV) manufacturer Amonix claims to have converted a record 36% of sunlight into energy in a module trial at the US National Renewable Energy Laboratory … Continue reading

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