1000 jobs at SMA on the brink?

The solar technology manufacturer SMA is fully caught by the crisis in the solar industry. Sales in the first quarter of this year is so slumped that is being given to massive job cuts.

Specific figures are not yet known by the company. According to reports, 1,000 employees could lose their jobs, 5500 people worldwide work with SMA currently .

At a meeting which were now employees informed about the difficult situation . Back in March was CEO Urbon from a “best balanced result” in 2013. A loss can not be ruled out, he said.

Whether the transaction could actually be broken in half, as is speculated among employees, says SMA overlooking the 23 May Kassel scheduled General Meeting of Shareholders not. If it were a “massive drop in sales,” said SMA spokeswoman Anja Jasper on Wednesday, but did not provide any figures.

This also applies to the envisaged staff cuts.  Whether fixed-term contracts may not be renewed  or the voluntary severance program continues, the staff offers financial compensation if they opt for a leave of SMA, will soon be negotiated. The company will do everything possible to reduce further with new products and increase the productivity consequences of declining demand in the market, Anja Jasper said.

Oliver Dietzel, First Representative of IG Metall, said on request only, between management, union and works council discussions on proposals had been taken to reduce costs. Union of circles, it has aworkforce reduction could be necessary in view of the crisis in the industry , so as not to jeopardize the entire enterprise SMA.

Background: 4500 employee in Germany

The manufacturer SMA Solar Technology has currently 5,500 employees worldwide, including 4,500 in Germany, by far the most work in the locations in Niestetal and Kassel.

2012, the Company recorded € 1.5 billion already a declining revenue (in 2010 there were nearly two billion euros). Were earned in 2012 only 75 million euros, in 2010 the figure was 365 million euros. 2013, should the situation in the world market leader, serving 25 percent of the global inverter demand, continue to deteriorate.

Inverters convert the direct current from photovoltaic systems into grid-compatible alternating

Source: HNA.DE

Note: This is a translation from a German Source


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