Karnataka Electricity Regulatory Commission (“KERC”), GoK intends to undertake development of 50 (Fifty) MW of solar thermal and/or solar PV power plants in the State of Karnataka

GoK intends to undertake development of 50 (Fifty) MW of solar thermal and/or solar PV power plants in the State of and collectively reGoK has, through KREDL, decided to carry out the bidding process for  selection of the Bidders to whom the Project(s) may be awarded.

Bidders are allowed to bid for one or more Project(s) based on the Eligibility Criteria stipulated in this RFP.

This RFP document is common for all the Projects. It may be noted, however, that for all intents and purposes the Projects are independent of each other and the Bidder shall, as part of its Financial Bid, submit separate Effective Tariff (as defined in Clause 1.2.5) for each of the Project for which it is submitting its Bids in accordance with this RFP document. Separate agreements shall have to be hereinafter).

1.1.1. The Selected Bidder shall be a company incorporated under the Companies Act, 1956 (hereinafter referred to as “Developer”) and will be responsible for design, finance, engineering, procurement, construction, operation and maintenance of the Project under and in accordance with the provisions of the Power Purchase Agreement to be entered into between the Developer and the concerned ESCOM in the form provided by the Authority as part of the Bidding Documents pursuant

Draft PPA_KREDL_50 MW Solar Projects_250314

Annex IX-RFP-KREDL-50 MW Solar Projects_250314

RFP_KREDL_50 MW Solar Projects_ 250314

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