Andhra Pradesh Electricity Regulatory Commission Tariff Order for Wheeling Tariffs for Distribution Business

The filings for approval of Aggregate Revenue Requirement (ARR) and Tariff proposals
for the Wheeling Charges of Distribution business for 3rd control period (from FY 2014-
15 to FY 2018-19), made on 4th December, 2013, by the four (4) Distribution
Licensees (DISCOMS) of Andhra Pradesh. These applications were admitted by the

They came up for public hearings before several consumers, the
representatives of various consumer organizations, political parties and other
stakeholders, on 23.01.2014 at Karimnagar (APNPDCL – O.P. No.68 of 2013), on
25.01.2014 at Tirupati (APSPDCL – O.P. No.70 of 2013), on 01.02.2014 at
Visakhapatnam (APEPDCL – O.P. No.66 of 2014) and on 04.02.2014 at Hyderabad
(APCPDCL – O.P. No.64 of 2013), and having stood over for consideration till this day,
the Commission, in exercise of the powers vested in it by the Electricity Act, 2003
and Andhra Pradesh Electricity Regulatory Commission (Terms and Conditions for
Determination of Wheeling and Retail Sale of Electricity) Regulation No.4 of 2005;
hereby passes this common order.

AP Wheeling Tariff 1AP Wheeling Tariff 2

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AP _ Distribution Tariff Order 3rd Control Period _ May 2014

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