Punjab calls for Solar Projects of 250 MW Capacity in three categories i.e. 1 to 4 MW (50MW), 5 to 24 MW (100MW) and 25 to 50 MW (100MW).

Date of Sale of e-Bid Document Date of Pre-bid meeting Last date and time for submission of e-bid Date and time of opening of Technical e-bids
24th December’2014


9th January’2015 at 12.00 noon 28th January’2015 by 12.00 noon 30th January’2015 at 12.30PM
Cost of RFP document Non-refundable RFP Document fee of Rs. 5,000/- through IPG / RTGS Mode only to be paid at the time of uploading of bid.
E-Processing Fee Non-refundable bid processing fee of Rs. 2,247/- through IPG / RTGS mode only.
Bid Processing charges Non-refundable Bids evaluation charge of Rs. 1,00,000/- per bid (for 1-4 MW cap. project) and Rs. 2,00,000/- per bid (for 5-24MW cap. project) and  Rs. 3,00,000 per bid (for 25-50MW cap. project)  through IPG / RTGS mode.
EMD Earnest Money @ Rs. 20,00,000/-  per MW shall be deposited through IPG / RTGS mode or in shape of Bank Guarantee valid for 180 days by uploading scanned copy of Original Bank Guarantee, Original Bank Guarantee must be submitted at the date and time of opening of e-technical bid.

PEDA 250MW Dec 2014 RFP Tender

About Ritesh Pothan

Ritesh Pothan, is an accomplished speaker and visionary in the Solar Energy space in India. Ritesh is from an Engineering Background with a Master’s Degree in Technology and had spent more than a decade as the Infrastructure Head for a public limited company with the last 9 years dedicated to Solar and Renewable Energy. He also runs the 2 largest India focused renewable energy groups on LinkedIn - Solar - India and Renewables - India
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