Statements Of Reasons for Distribution Open Access Regulations, 2016 and Transmission Open Access Regulations, 2016

Statement of Reasons_DOA & TOA Regulations, 2016

Proposed in Draft DOA Regulations

3.1. Subject to the provisions of these Regulations, a Consumer having Contract Demand of 500 kW and above with a particular Distribution Licensee shall be eligible for Open Access for obtaining supply of electricity from one or more

a) Generating Plants or Stations, including Captive Generating Plants;

b) Trading Licensees

c) Power Exchanges

d) Other Distribution Licensees

e) any other Sources or a combination thereof, and all collectively called ‘Sources’.

Illustration ─ Say a Consumer having a Contract Demand of 500 kW can source power through Open Access as explained below:

Full Open Access Case –

1: From a single Source supplying entire 500 kW;

2: From multiple Sources totaling 500 kW.”

2.2. Proposed in Draft DOA Regulations

Banking of energy shall be permitted during all twelve months of the year:

Provided that the credit for banked energy shall not be permitted during the months of October, November and March, and the credit for energy banked in other months shall be as per the energy injected in respective TOD slots determined by the Commission in the relevant Orders determining the Tariffs of the Distribution Licensees;

Provided further that the energy banked during peak TOD slots may also be drawn during off-peak TOD slots, but the energy banked during off-peak TOD slots may not be drawn during peak TOD slots.”

Banking charges shall be adjusted in kind @ 2% of the energy delivered at the point of drawal.

24.6. The unutilized banked energy at the end of the financial year shall be considered as deemed purchase by the Distribution Licensee at its Pooled Cost of Power Purchase for that year.”

Statement of Reasons_DOA & TOA Regulations, 2016

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