Exemption of Electricity Duty to Open Access consumers who are exempted to pay Electricity Duty. MSEDCL


Maharashtra State Electricity Distribution Co. Ltd.

Maharashtra State Electricity Distribution Co. Ltd.

Prakashgad, Plot No.G-9, Sandra (East), Mumbai – 400 051



P-Com/Accts/EDI                                                            DEC 2016]

All superintending Engineers                                                                                                        ‘

O&M Circle MSEDCL.

Sub :- Exemption of Electricity Duty to Open Access consumers who are exempted to pay Electricity Duty.

Ref :- 1) Maharashtra Electricity Duty Act. 2016 amended vide GoM Resolution dt. 08.08.16

  • GOM Notification 31.08.2016.
  • Office Note P-Com/Accts/ED 1341 dt. 02.11.2016

In connection with above that as per GoM resolution dt. 08.08.16 the electricity duty has been charged on the consumption wef Sept.2016 onwards to all open access consumers as above except consumers of Vidahabha & Marathwada region.

Thereafter, MSEDCL received several representations from OA consumers and RE generators who are already exempted for payment of Electricity Duty as per the eligibility certificate granted by GoM.

As such, it has been decided that, the MSEDCL will stop levying the electricity duty to such OA consumers and RE generators who are exempted from making payment of Electricity Duty in bills issued and being issued from December 2016 onwards, till further instructions from GoM/Hon’ble High Court Mumbai in this matter

Accordingly, the instructions has been issued to IT for not levying the duty to exempted consumers with instructions to credit amount of Electricity Duty recovered from such consumers from the month of Sept. 2016 to NoV.2016 & Dec.16 in Jan.2016 bill. Now some of the bills are already issued and they have already made the payment of their bills. However, if any consumer willing to pay the bill excluding the amount of electricity duty then such payment may be accepted as per revised bill from IT for the month of Dec.16. It is directed to not to take any corrosive action on such OA consumers who have not paid Electricity duty amount on OA quantum.

If any of such consumer who has made payment of bills excluding Electricity Duty of OA quantum and is eligible prompt payment discount & related load factor incentive will get his anticipated benefit and detail instructions are already given to IT in this regard. It will be applicable to only Electricity Duty exempted consumers.

Further, as per the RE Policy of the Government of Maharashtra RE generators are under exemption to pay the electricity duty for the period of 10 years as per GoM notification. As such the details of such RE generators are required to update in the system for extending them the benefit of GoM’s policy.

You are therefore requested to take note of above and inform the details of date of commissioning of RE generators of all open access consumer under your circle so that their exemption period can be fed to system and RE generators already completed 10 years can be identified for charging the electricity duty.

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