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The State of Solar: Bracing for a Post-Subsidy Era in China

China has led the world in annual solar installation capacity for the last seven years. The success of China’s solar industry is closely observed by the international community, which is looking to see if China’s progress will fulfill the 2030 … Continue reading

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Solar, the new Gateway to the decentralised Energy System

CHAPTER 1. DECENTRALISATION: A new mega-trend in the European power sector For an increasing number of consumers in Europe, distributed generation combined with othersmart solutions represents the perfect way to control their energy bill. Other behavioral factors may of course … Continue reading

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Putting solar in the driver’s seat Solar Mobility report

Looking at the physics, solar is complementary to electric mobility, particularly in certain use cases like day charging at work places or combined with battery capacity at home. Solar has a predictable generation curve and produces electricity during the day. … Continue reading

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