Ensuring 24X7 Power supply through timely investment Conference of Power and New & Renewable Energy Ministers of States and UTs

Similar transformation capacity and transmission line additions may be required at state sector level Action Plan for Power Distribution for next 10 years includes but is not limited to; Loss reduction works (including HVDS systems, feeder bifurcation etc.) System strengthening (New S/s, feeders, upgradation of transformation capacity etc.) Modernization for Smart Distribution System. (includes SCADA, DMS, IT/OT, ERP, GIS enabled applications, ADMS etc.)

RDSS has an outlay of Rs. 3.04 Lakh Cr. Nearly 50% of the investments is envisaged for prepaid Smart metering for consumers, system metering at feeder and DT level and is to be implemented in TOTEX Mode. Viable project funding by REC/ PFC/ FIs/ Banks – To ensure that the sector’s investments are safe, and funding is based on strong financial principles, additional prudential norms have been issued by the Ministry of Power, GoI Low-cost Financing by International Agencies & Funding Institutions – May be utilized for deployment of new types of devices, IT-OT infrastructure, SCADA/ DMS and deployment of smart technology concepts at distribution segment JV of CPSE and DISCOMs proposed for access to funds for investments and removing state’s fiscal burden – Model of partnership of CPSEs with DISCOMs through Joint Venture (JVs) has been prepared by MOP. Public ownership of DISCOM is retained, while at the same time, financing will be available from CPSEs. State Governments are also preparing plans for making investments in the sector. This includes various modernization and upgradation projects.

Existing Transmission Line Length and Transformation Capacity


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