Vena Energy launches 1.8 GW of offshore wind power in Taiwan

Vena Energy, a renewable energy developer owned by Global Infrastructure Partners (GIP), plans to launch two offshore wind projects, totaling 1.8 GW, with the aim of participating in auctions under the Phase 3 zonal offshore wind development from Taiwan. The 1.2 GW Wei-Na offshore wind farm will be located 20 km off the coast of Miaoli county (northwestern Taiwan), while the 600 MW Wei-Long offshore wind farm will be located 43 kilometers from Miaoli county. Changhua (west-central Taiwan). The two offshore wind projects are expected to use large wind turbines with a unit capacity of 14 MW to 20 MW. Vena Energy has already invested in Taiwan and built more than 400 MW of solar capacity on the island.

Taiwan is expected to launch its third round of offshore wind power tenders in the coming months.
Through the first two offshore wind power auctions (April and June 2018), the island allocated 5.5 GW of projects. In August 2021, Taiwan finalized an allocation plan for its Round 3 offshore wind tender, which will procure project development for farms scheduled to come online between 2026 and 2035, during which 15 GW of wind power is expected to be added. new capacity. In 2021, offshore wind power accounted for less than 1% of Taiwan’s installed capacity (237 MW), as the island only installed its first offshore wind turbine in 2017.


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