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Solar thin-films may fall under local sourcing ambit, but with caveat

To avoid issues with the US at the WTO, the compulsory sourcing norm will only apply to power supplied to government agencies. India may extend compulsory local sourcing conditions on solar thin films, mostly imported from the US, in the … Continue reading

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India’s Untold Story: Solar, Wind Projects Create Jobs, Clean Energy

As India celebrates its 67th Independence Day this week, the country can also celebrate its clean energy opportunities as solar, wind and other renewable energy projects expand throughout India. This week, the Indian government announced a $7.9 billion investment to double its transmission capacity … Continue reading

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New Analysis Shows India’s Huge Offshore Wind Power Potential

LONDON — India’s Ministry of New and Renewable Energy (MNRE) has published a report detailing the significant potential for offshore wind energy in the country. Offshore Wind Potential Tamil Nadu, India was officially released this week at Delhi’s National Consultation on Development … Continue reading

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IBM’s HyRef Seeks to Solve Wind’s Intermittency Problem

New Hampshire, USA — IBM has decloaked a system combining weather modeling, sensors, and analytics to better forecast a wind farm’s output from minutes to weeks away, helping utilities and grid operators more confidently integrate an intermittent energy source. IBM’s “Hybrid … Continue reading

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Doping boosts efficiency of CdTe cell: Empa study

Scientists at the Empa Institute in Switzerland claim to have achieved 11.5% conversion efficiency for a CdTe solar cell by doping it with copper. The researchers improved on previous results of around 8% by using high-vacuum copper evaporation on substrate … Continue reading

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