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Poor Chinese power imports: Consumers to bear the brunt

Poor quality of Chinese equipment imports to add to power production woes For years, Indian power equipment manufacturers have been complaining to the government over cheap imports from other countries, especially China. On their part, government did bring in some measures to protect … Continue reading

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Uttarakhand comes up with innovative rooftop solar policy – Rs. 9.2 per KWhr injected into the grid is quite attractive

With power demand growing 10-15 percent annually, and the hydropower sector taking a beating in Uttarakhand, the government has come out with a new policy to harness solar energy using unutilised space on rooftops and wasteland around buildings. “Uttarakhand has … Continue reading

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German Utilities Hammered in Market Favoring Renewable Energy

Natgrp: Indian Discoms will follow once Solar gains significant traction and fear renewables for the right reasons. Lets endeavour to make Solar a reality everywhere Dusseldorf, Germany — Germany, Europe’s biggest electricity market, is beating up its traditional utilities. RWE AG and … Continue reading

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Fueled vs Electric Cars: The Great Race Begins

The amazing success of the Tesla model S proves that electric cars may have a chance of replacing liquid fueled vehicles in the long run. Skeptics point out that most of our electric power today comes from coal, which is … Continue reading

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