MNRE invites proposals for 52MWp rooftop installations on Public Sector Utilities across India through MGAs

Installation of aggregate / cumulative 52 MWp equivalents Grid Connected Rooftop Solar Photovoltaic Power Plants on the roofs of Government/ Commercial/ Institutional/ Residential/ Industrial buildings located in various States across the country through Multi Government Agencies (MGA).

The Ministry of New and Renewable Energy invites offers/proposals for installation of Grid Connected Rooftop Solar Photovoltaic Power Plants in various States across the Country under National Clean Energy Funds from the Multi Government Agencies (MGAs) i.e. Govt. Deptts. Govt. Institutions, PSUs & their subsidiaries, DISCOMs, DMRC, National Housing Bank, Commercial Banks, Railways, Army, Financial Institutions/Financial Integrators, etc. in the country. These projects can be installed in the Government / Commercial/ Institutional/ residential buildings located in various States in the country.

The Grid Connected Solar Rooftop has emerged as large potential area for generating solar power using unutilized space on rooftops. This can be possible if the States have conducive solar policy to allow the grid connectivity, Regulators have issued tariff order for appropriate tariff, net-metering/feed-in tariff and the grid connectivity and the Distribution Companies agree to allow grid connectivity and purchase the electricity on feed-in-tariff or through net metering arrangement.

Brief about project

The project envisages installation of aggregate/cumulative 52 MW equivalents Grid connected Rooftop Solar Photovoltaic Power Plants on the roofs of Government /Commercial/ Institutional/residential/Industrial buildings located in various places across the country. The project capacity may increase depending upon the actual market cost with in the overall approved outlay. Projects will be set up on the concept of Net Metering/Feed-in-Tariff on Pilot Basis.

The individual project will normally range from 10 kW to 500 kW size. The projects below 10 kW upto 1.0 kWp may also be considered for residential/small office sector. For minimum 1.0 MW project allocation, the projects will be set up on open tender basis.

The projects/ targets will be allocated to the MGAs depending upon their requirements and capabilities. The Grid Connected Rooftop SPV plants will be setup in a project mode with minimum 2 MWp and a maximum 10 MWp project size comprising of many grid connected rooftop SPV plants ranging from 10 kW upto 500 kW and even small plants upto 1kWp for residential sector.

The generated solar power will be utilized for captive application and the surplus power
will be fed to the grid.

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