Rajasthan Solar Policy 2014 looking for 25 GWp Solar Capacity


The Government of Rajasthan launched a new ” Solar Energy Policy-2014″ to pave the way for establishment of 25000 MW solar capacity in the state.

The main objectives of the policy are creation of conducive environment for the investors in the state and ensuring power supply to urban and rural areas along with remove or less populated areas where there is no power supply, according to an official statement here.

Policy also aimed at having energy security at the national level and to overcome the challenges of climate change.

Its main provisions is to establish solar parks in state sector, private sector and through Public Private Partnership.

Besides, there would be a fast process of approval of Mega Solar Plants (500 MW) by placing them directly before State Level Empowered Committee headed by Chief Secretary.

The state government has announced the policy in compliance to Chief Minister’s budget speech made in the Assembly.

A provision of Rs 100 crore has been made in the state budget of 2014-15 for promotion of power supply to remote villages through local solar grid, stand alone solar system and smart grid system.

Permission, sanctions on projects and fee regime were also simplified in the new policy.

Click here for the POLICY and FAQ

Source: ET

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