Guidelines to entities to become Channel Partners under Off Grid and Decentralized Solar applications



Ministry of New and Renewable Energy

SPV Off Grid Division

Sub: Guidelines to entities to become Channel Partners under Off Grid and Decentralized Solar applications

Any of the following entities can apply to become channel partner
1.1 Manufacturers of modules, inverters, batteries, pumps, luminaries and system integrators of solar systems
1.2 NGOs registered under Society Registration Act

The eligibility conditions are

1.3 The company/NGO must be having all approvals to carry out activities  which are envisaged under the programme
1.4 The channel partner must have reputed auditors who will the audit the  accounts on annual/half yearly basis
1.5 The company net worth must be positive. The assets and liabilities of the company must be clearly specified by rating agencies.
1.6 Application process: Any entity who fulfill the above criteria may approach rating agencies to get the rating. After getting rating the entities may forward the rating report with application to register them as channel partner
1.7 Rating agencies: Reputed rating agencies in the country which may be specified by MNRE including those who registered with RBI and SEBI are eligible to rate the agencies. The following is the levels of rating


1 to 5 depicts the technical strength with 1 being the highest. A to E depicts the financial strength with A being the highest.

1.8 Period to receive applications: The Ministry will receive applications from the entities to become channel partners between 1st January and 31 March in every calendar year. Applications throughout year are not entertained.

1.9 Tenure: the tenure of channel partner is initially for two years. After satisfactory achievement in meeting the elected targets the tenure will be extended to another two years. After the end of four years the entities will have to approach the rating agencies to get fresh rating

After entities are approved by the Ministry to become channel partners, the entities have to choose the targets between the target bands

1A                 3000 to 5000kWp
1B/1C  b.     2500 to 4000kWp
1D/1E.         1000 to 3000kWp
2A/2B         1000 to 2000kWp
2C/2D/2E  750 to 1500kWp
3A/3B/3C  500 to 1000kWp
3D/3E         300 to 750kWp
4A/4B/4C  200 to 500kWp
5A/5B/5C  100kWp


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