Telangana issues RFS for procuring 2000 MW Through Solar Power Plants

Request for Selection (RFS) document for selection of Solar PV developers in the State of Telangana for procuring 2000 MW through tariff based competitive bidding process
RFS (Bid) No. TSSPDCL/01/LTSPP/2015 dated 01 April 2015

Group 1 Bids Bidders injecting into a 33/11 kV distribution Interconnection Substation  – Ceiling Tariff is Rs 6.4500/unit

Group 2 Bids Bidders injecting into a 132/33 kV or 220/132 kV or 400/220 kV Interconnection substation – Ceiling Tariff is Rs 6.3200/unit

The solar power purchased under this Bid process is targeted for consumption at 33 kV and/or lower voltages of the DISCOMS. Hence, injection at higher voltages by the Projects selected hereunder, will translate into financial impact for the DISCOMS in terms of transmission losses/charges payable to TSTRASNCO as per the applicable and prevailing regulations and/or agreements.

At the approved transmission losses of 4.02%, for every 1.000 kWh of power required at the consumption voltage level (33 kV), 1.0402 kWh of solar power needs to be procured at the EHT level. This translates into additional financial cost of about 26 paisa/kWh assuming cost of solar power as Rs 6.450/kWh. Of the above additional cost, the DISCOMs intend to recover 13 paisa/kWh (irrespective of any future variations in transmission losses) from the Group 2 Bidders injecting at EHT substations.

Hence the effective cost of procurement for the DISCOMS is different at 33/11 kV and EHT substations. Therefore the DISCOMS have set a separate Ceiling Tariff for Group 1 and Group 2 Bidders.

S. No. Event Schedule
1 Date of issue of RFS and PPA 01-Apr-15
2 Bid Document Download Start Date 01-Apr-15
3 Pre-Bid meeting 10-Apr-15
4 Revision of RFS and PPA and issue of revised RFS and PPA if any 24-Apr-15
5 Bid document download end date 14 May 2015 17:00 Hours
6 Bid  Deadline  i.e.  Last  Date  and  Time  for submission of Bids 15 May 2015 17:00 Hours
7 Submission  of  hard  copies  of  EMD  and  Bid Processing Fee 16 May 2015 17:00 Hours
8 Opening of Prequalification Bid 18-May-15
9 Opening of Technical Bids 21-May-15
10 Opening of Financial Bids 15-Jun-15
11 Issue of LoI to Successful Bidders 22-Jun-15
12 Signing of PPA 21-Jul-15

Clcik for the entire RFS Telangana Solar Tender – 2000mw – 01/01/2015

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