AP boosts Solar Power by applying Cross Subsidy Surcharge (CSS) on all other sources including Renewables

AP has made Solar Power the preferred Open Access medium of choice by applying huge CSS on all other types of generation including wind, this is a validation of the need for Solar Power.

Cross Subsidy Surcharge for FY2015-16*



Consumer Category

Surcharge(Rs /unit)
LT-I: Domestic 0.00 0.00
LT-II: Non-Domestic/Commercial 2.54 2.79
LT-III: Industrial 1.15 0.60
LT-IV: Cottage Industries 0.00 0.00
LT-V: Agriculture 0.00 0.00
LT-VI: Street Lighting and PWS 0.00 0.00
LT-VII: General 0.49 0.00
LT-VIII: Temporary Supply 3.10 2.42
HT-I(A): Industrial 2.39 2.07
HT-I(B): Ferro-alloys 0.29 0.12
HT-II: Others 4.60 4.22
HT-III: APTs, BSTs and Rly. Stns. 2.53 2.36
HT-IV(A):Lift Irrigation 1.29 1.88
HT-IV(B):Composite Water Schemes 0.11 0.91
HT-V: Railway Traction 1.21 1.22
HT-VI: Townships & Colonies 0.27 0.63
HT-VII: Green Power 0.00 0.00
HT-VIII: Temporary 3.97 0.00
*The computation details are given in annexure.

Additional Surcharge for FY2015-16. Further,  the   Commission   hereby   levies   “additional   surcharge”   on   the   open  access transactions during the FY2015-16, on consumers who opt for open access, at all voltages, at 10% of the transmission and wheeling charges as prescribed in the MYT orders or the rates for such “additional surcharge” computed based on the fixed cost of the stranded capacity of the respective Distribution Licensee for the total kVA covered by all the open access transactions of the respective Distribution licensee for the month, whichever is less.

Exemption from Payment of Surcharges

14. Accepting the suggestions of some of the stakeholders given in writing and during public hearings, the Commission has decided to exempt consumers from payment of these surcharges during the Restriction and Control Periods.  Hence, the surcharge and additional surcharge determined in accordance with paras 12 and 13 above shall not be levied on open access transactions during Restriction and Control Periods during which the consumers opt for open access to meet their power requirements during FY2015-16.

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Ap Cross Subsidy Surcharge on All power except Solar

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