Bihar is now on its way to promoting solar as a rooftop power solution finally,

The eligible consumer may install the rooftop solar system under net metering arrangement which,

a) shall be within the permissible rated capacity as defined under these Regulations.
b) shall be located in the consumer premises.
c) shall interconnect and operate safely in parallel with the distribution licensee

The capacity of the solar energy system to be installed at the premises of any eligible
consumer under these Regulations shall not be less than 1 KWp and shall not exceed 1 MWp.

These regulations do not preclude the right of State Government to undertake rooftop
solar projects above 1 MWp capacity through alternative mechanisms.

General Principles

4.1 The distribution licensee shall offer the provision of net metering arrangement to the
consumer, who intends to install grid connected rooftop solar system, in its area of supply
on non-discriminatory and first come first serve basis.
Provided that the distribution licensee shall offer the provision of net metering to the
consumer for the target capacity as specified under these Regulations;
Provided further that the consumer is eligible to install the grid connected rooftop solar
system of the rated capacity as specified under these Regulations;
Provided further that the interconnection of such system with the grid is undertaken as
per technical standards specified by the Central Electricity Authority.

Capacity Targets for distribution licensee

5.1 The distribution licensee shall provide net metering arrangement to eligible consumers
as long as the total capacity (in MW) does not exceed the target capacity determined by
the Commission; Provided a maximum cumulative capacity of 10 MW shall be allowed to
eligible consumers under net metering, on yearly basis, in the area of supply of the
distribution licensee; Provided that the cumulative capacity to be allowed at a particular
distribution transformer shall not exceed 15% of the peak capacity of the distribution

Click here for the full document Bihar April 2015 Draft Net Metering Regulation

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