UP Net Metering Policy 2015

Uttar Pradesh  Electricity  Regulatory  Commission Notification  No.:  UPERC/Secretary/RSPVRegulations/2015/2150

The connectivity levels at which the rooftop solar PV system shall be connected with the distribution system are as specified below:

The eligible consumer shall be responsible for safe operation, maintenance and rectification of any defect of the rooftop solar PV system up to the interconnection point beyond which the responsibility of safe operation, maintenance and rectification of any defect in the distribution system including the gross meter /net meter as the case may be shall rest with the Distribution Licensee.

The Distribution Licensee shall have the right to disconnect the rooftop solar PV system at any time in the event of possible threat/damage, from such rooftop solar PV system to its distribution system, to prevent an accident or damage. Subject to Regulation 8.3, the Distribution Licensee may call upon the eligible consumer to rectify the defect within a reasonable time.

Metering arrangement

All the meters shall adhere to the standards and provisions specified in CEA (Installation and Operation of Meters), Regulations, 2006 and subsequent amendments thereof.

The appropriate meter(s) shall be single phase or three phase as per requirement. All the meters to be installed shall be of the same or better Accuracy Class Index than the existing meter installed at the premises.

The appropriate meter(s) at the premises of the consumer shall be procured, installed and maintained by the Distribution Licensee at the cost of the eligible consumer. However if the eligible consumer wishes to procure the appropriate Meter(s), he may procure such meter(s) and present the same to the Distribution Licensee for testing and installation.

UPERC RSPV Regulations, 2015


Connected Load / Contract Demand of Eligible Consumer

Connectivity Level


Up to 5 kW

Single phase at 230 V


5 kW and above up to 50 kW / 63 kVA

3 Phase, 4 wire at 415 V


Above 50 kW and up to 1 MW

3 Phase at 11 kV

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