Gujarat promotes rooftops with additional subsidy for households

Accordingly, State Government is pleased to announce a Scheme of Subsidy for promoting large-scale installation of grid connected Solar Roof top Systems by private residential consumers across the State, with following terms & conditions:

  1. A Subsidy of Rs 10,000 per kW would be disbursed through GEDA after successful installation and commi,ssioning of Rooftop Solar Systems by private residential consumers with maximum limit of Subsidy of Rs 20000/- per
  2. The scheme would be limited to installation of 2 kW Rooftop Solar system The capacity of the Plant might be higher subject to a ceiling of 50% of contracted load. However, per consumer, maximum Subsidy available shall be Rs. 20,000.
  3. The scheme would be applicable to the Rooftop Solar Power Generators, set up and commissioned during the operative period of Solar Power Policy-2015.
  4. The initial target will be 1,00,000 consumers e. the first 1,00,000 consumers would get the benefit of this scheme. Thereafter, based on the review and as decided by the Government, this scheme may be continued, discontinued or modified.
  5. As per the terms prescribed in the Solar Power Policy-2015, the Consumer should install only new plant & machinery and should not shift the plant He/she should be a consumer of the  local  DisCom  and the  premises where  the rooftop system  is based should  be connected to the  local DisCom’s Grid System.
  1. The beneficiary should own the rooftop solar system, and also should be in legal possession of the premises including rooftop and terrace on which the plant is installed;
  2. GEDA would be the nodal agency for this The applicant would need to apply to GEDA in a prescribed form and after certification jointly by GEDA and concerned Distribution Company about successful installation and commissioning of the system; GEDA would release the amount of subsidy to the applicants, limited to Rs.20000/- per consumer.
  3. This benefit would be in addition to any benefits that the applicant might get from the Central However the applicant will not be allowed to get any other benefit from any other scheme of the State Government for the same investment, and if found to have taken benefit from any other scheme of the State Government, the amount of subsidy will be recovered forthwith.
  4. In all other aspects, the parameters and terms-conditions of Solar Power Policy-2015 would be applied The scheme would remain limited for Household Rooftop Projects only. Any Industrial, Commercial and other consumers or Government and Semi-Government Organizations will not be eligible for this subsidy.


About Ritesh Pothan

Ritesh Pothan, is an accomplished speaker and visionary in the Solar Energy space in India. Ritesh is from an Engineering Background with a Master’s Degree in Technology and had spent more than a decade as the Infrastructure Head for a public limited company with the last 9 years dedicated to Solar and Renewable Energy. He also runs the 2 largest India focused renewable energy groups on LinkedIn - Solar - India and Renewables - India
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