Tenders New RFS Issued

  • About 1046 MW of renewable tenders were issued in February 2021
  • Auctions were completed for 6895 MW of solar projects. Maximum capacity of 3150 MW was won by Adani alone.
New RFS issued

Installed Capacity

In January 2021, a total of 1489 MW of solar and wind capacity was added, taking the cumulative RE capacity to 92.6 GW as on January 31st, 2021.

Monthly Import/ Export Trends

Compared to November 2020, solar imports have increased by nearly 10% while exports have fallen by 67% in December 2020. Compared to previous year, on a YoY basis, both solar imports and exports have declined by 69% and 97% respectively in 2020.

Module Price Trends

Solar cells and modules – Price trends Compared to January 2021, prices of global multi crystalline modules and mono PERC modules have remained the same in February 2021. Compared to previous year, on a YoY basis, prices of global multi crystalline modules and mono PERC modules have declined by 12% and 11% respectively.

Policies and Regulations

CERC Adopts Competitive Bidding Tariff of Rs.2.54/kWh for 1,150 MW, filled by SECI

  • SECI had filed a petition before the Commission to adopt a tariff of Rs.2.54 /kWh for 1,150 MW of solar power projects (Tranche IV) se- lected through a competitive bidding process. It had also sought a trading margin of Rs.0.07/kWh.
  • SECI had issued a request for selection to set up 1,200 MW of inter- state transmission system (ISTS)-connected solar power projects (Tranche IV) in February 2019. Seven bids were received for an ag- gregate capacity of 2,100 MW. Six bids with an aggregate capacity
    of 1,800 MW were shortlisted for the e-reverse auction. After the e-reverse auction, SECI had agreed to sell the entire 1,150 MW of solar power to the distribution licensees at the discovered rate of Rs.2.54/ kWh and a trading margin of Rs.0.07/kWh.
  • On July 25, 2019, SECI had issued letters of award (LoA) to ReNew So- lar Power, Azure Power, and Ayana Renewable for 300 MW each, and Mahindra Susten for 250 MW.
  • CERC after scrutiny noted that SECI was required to procure power by entering into PPAs with the successful bidders with back-to-back power sale agreements (PSAs) to sell power to the distribution licen- sees.
  • After issuing the LoAs to the four companies, SECI entered into PSAs with Haryana Power Purchase Center and Madhya Pradesh Power Management Company.
  • The regulator said that SECI had carried out the bidding process as per the guidelines, and the tariff of Rs.2.54/kWh was discovered through a transparent process.
  • Central Electricity Regulatory Commission (CERC) has adopted the tariff of Rs.2.54 /kWh for 1,150 MW of solar projects allocated to Re- New Solar Power (300 MW), Azure Power (300 MW), Ayana Renewa-ble (300 MW), and Mahindra Susten (250 MW).

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