EDP Renewables inaugurates a new wind farm in Italy

The inauguration ceremony was attended by EDPR CEO Miguel Stilwell d’Andrade, together with EDPR COO for Europe and Latam Duarte Bello, and EDPR Italy General Manager Roberto Pasqua. The undertaking reflects EDPR’s commitment to the energy transition and energy independence of Italy and Europe.

The facility, which is situated in the center of Basilicata, has a total capacity of 35 MW and produces 79GWh annually. With the addition of the Craco and Stigliano wind farm, EDPR has installed a total capacity of 463 MW in Italy. EDP Renewables (Euronext: EDPR), the world’s fourth largest renewable energy producer, today inaugurated the Craco and Stigliano wind farm in Basilicata, Italy. 

The Craco and Stigliano facility operates 10 wind turbines, each with a capacity of 3.5 MW, adding up to a total capacity of 35MW. The wind farm will be able to produce 79GWh/year, saving 37,250 tons per year of CO2 emissions, and will supply energy to 26,280 households. In addition to the wind farm, EDPR also built the grid connection infrastructure to which the farm was connected at the end of August. With this new facility, EDPR has installed a total capacity of 463 MW in Italy. Present at the event were Duarte Bello, EDPR’s Chief Operating Officer for Europe and Latam, and Roberto Pasqua, General Manager of EDPR Italy, as well as a representation of students from local primary schools.

The Craco and Stigliano wind farm further strengthens the link between EDPR and the Italian territories. The company is present with numerous wind farms in the country, and recently launched the crowdfunding campaign “Energy together. The renewable energy tour in Italy” to offer Italian citizens the opportunity to be part of the energy transition, recognizing and rewarding the link with the territories. EDPR is also committed to developing training programs for young people to take advantage of the job opportunities offered by the presence of wind farms in the territory.


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