Gujarat Solar Park, Charanka – Costs

Land : 2024 ha ( 1080 ha GoG, 944 ha Pvt )

Approx. Capacity: 500 MW

Land Allotment:      Solar Thermal       :  3 ha / MW

Fees / Charges :

Processing Fee:  Rs. 25000 / MW

Deposit           :     Rs. 5 lacs / ha

Allotment Price:  Rs. 18.5 lacs / ha

Development Charge:  Rs. 8-12 lacs / ha

—Phase I:

Location – Village Charanka, Taluka Santalpur, Dist Patan
Objective – Dedicated > 500 MW Solar power Generation
Area – Approx 2456 Ha land (including Govt. & Private land)

—Phase II:
Location – Villages Harsad, Soneth, Morwada, Dungla, Dabhi & Navapura, Taluka Vav, Dist Banaskantha
Objective – Solar Power Generation, R & D Facility, Manufacturing Hub & Capacity building Area – Approx 1205 Ha Government Waste Land—

—Total Solar installed capacity– 665 MW

About Ritesh Pothan

Ritesh Pothan, is an accomplished speaker and visionary in the Solar Energy space in India. Ritesh is from an Engineering Background with a Master’s Degree in Technology and had spent more than a decade as the Infrastructure Head for a public limited company with the last 9 years dedicated to Solar and Renewable Energy. He also runs the 2 largest India focused renewable energy groups on LinkedIn - Solar - India and Renewables - India
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