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Mixed Greens: EU talks climate targets as global fossil subsidies hit $2tn for oil, natural gas, coal and electricity production

The European Union has proposed a new package of carbon and renewable energy targets for 2030 that could see the introduction of a 40 per cent carbon reduction target, as well as a 30 per cent share target for renewable … Continue reading

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Age of renewables: Why shale gas won’t kill wind or solar

The emergence of the shale gas boom in the United States, and the discovery of significant reserves in Australia and elsewhere, has prompted many people in the energy industry to proclaim a “golden age” of gas, one that will cause … Continue reading

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China warns EU against imposing tariffs

China warns EU against imposing tariffs Chong Quan the deputy representative of MOFCOM said the Chinese government has advised the EU to show restraint in order to avoid a trade war. China has told the European Union to expect a … Continue reading

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